With a strong emphasis on quality control and rigorous product testing, it’s obvious why Block Division has led the industry in small pulleys, sheaves, and accessories for over 50 years. While many of our competitors set high standards for their products, we remain one of the few that consistently delivers it.

Our quality products are used across a wide variety of industries, and we work with businesses ranging from large national suppliers to small, family-owned operations.

Take a look at our range of product application, or contact us today. We’re proud of our product and happy to answer all your questions.

Block Division has been a family owned and operated business since 1960.

We were the first company to specialize in small pulleys, sheaves, and accessories, and for over 5 decades we’ve continued to be a leader in the industry.

We manufacture consistently durable, high quality products that meet strict safety requirements. At Block Division, we’re raising the bar for the competition.