About Us

About Us

How is Block Division different?

Block Division has been in business since 1960, giving us over 5 decades of experience in creating and manufacturing tough, high quality products. Over the past 50 years, we’ve developed an intimate knowledge of the industry, understanding of what our customers need, and the expertise to deliver the best small blocks, sheaves, and accessories on the market.

High Quality

We put a heavy emphasis on quality control. While many companies boast of their set standards, most of them don't have a tight control over the mixture of metals in their products. Because we closely and consistently monitor the percentage of metals in our manufacturing process, we're able to deliver a superior product. When you use one of our products, you can count on it's safety and durability.


Our experience has made us leaders and experts in the industry. People don’t just trust our products – they trust our opinion on others as well. We’re often called in to analyze the quality of our competition’s products. In fact, we’re so well trusted that we’ve had cage codes since the 70s and regularly land government contracts.

Reliable Customer Services

We focus on the needs of our customers first. We believe in cultivating relationships with our customers, everyone from large dealers to locally-owned shops. When you call Block Division, you’ll always get to speak with the same handful of experienced individuals who care about your needs.

Quick Shipping

If you place your order before 1PM CST, we’re able to ship it to you the same day. Orders placed after 1PM CST are placed within 24 hours. You get exactly what you need, when you need it.

“Our products are manufactured with the highest quality and on hands care in the industry.” Every day, we strive to maintain that standard, and we think our products are the evidence..

Lloyd Sutton - Block Division Founder