There are many commercial uses of our pulley block and tackle products, as well as replacement sheaves, bearings and bushings, such as:

Boat Docks • Boat Lifts • Boat Rigging • Yachts • Model Yachts • Commercial Fishing • Sails and Sail Boats • Trailers • Yachts

Pulleys on a boat are called blocks (as in "block and tackle").  They are used anywhere you need to change the direction of a pull on a rope, and also to create a mechanica advantage.  Pulleys are used in sailing because of the amount of force that is needed to change the shape of the sails.  For example, to hoist a saile up a mast, the halyward (rope to hoist the sale) will pass through a block at the top of the mast so that while standing on the deck, you can pull down on the rope and the sale will go up.

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  • Specialized sheave reboarded for custom marine & Wahoo Dock boat dock application

  • Specialized sheave custom for marine & Wahoo Dock boat dock application with borings & flat mount

  • Boat lifted and stored safely using customized cable pulley block sheave

  • Boat lift storage using heavy duty pulley blocks by BlockDivision

  • Pontoon boat securely lifted out of the water using BlockDivision pulley blocks

  • Industrial strength cable pulley blocks securely hold speed boat out of the water

  • Close up view of customized sheave pulley used for heavy duty boat lift

  • View of industrial strength specialized pulley sheave used in lifting boats out of the water

  • View of a custom sheave pulley designed that has been in use for a long time in lifting a boat out of the water for easy storage