Block Division offers a number of specialty blocks for almost any use.   Deadman pulley blocks offer a dual purpose, as they have a fixed eye on one end and either a fixed eye, swivel eye or swivel hook at the other end.  Check out our photos (below).  Need something but you can’t find it?  Give Block Division a call!

Our speciality blocks can be used in many applications, including:

  • Agriculture – trailers & trailer doors (bolt blocks)
  • Commercial – Commercial lighting (bolt blocks); Communication towers (strap blocks); garages, gates and overhead doors (bolt blocks), lighting (bolt blocks)
  • Construction – Cranes and hoists (strap blocks or bolt blocks)
  • Field Use – Farming, hunting, game feeders, ranching (strap and bolt blocks), logging and oil field use (strap blocks)
  • Glass – Glass windows (strap blocks)
  • Guy wire anchoring, such as towers (bolt blocks)
  • Handicap ramps used in auto applications requiring guide cabling to lower and/or raise the ramp (bolt blocks)
  • Handicap Rigging – Handicap Rigging, lifts and self-lifting wheelchairs (bolt blocks, strap blocks)
  • Hanger doors for airports, airplane or garage use (bolt blocks)
  • Hunting and game feeders, farming and ranching (bolt blocks)
  • Lifting or lowering platforms for such tasks as window cleaning, painting scaffolds (bolt blocks)
  • Manufacturing – Awnings and shades (strap blocks)
  • Manufacturing – Machine and welding shops, machine builders, material handling and lifting, tool and die manufacturing, wire rope/sling (strap blocks; bolt blocks)
  • Manufacturing – Scaffolding, tool and die, material lifting and handling, machine builders, machine and welding shops (bolt blocks)
  • Mounting in wood or steel beam for repetitive lifting applications, such as fork lifting carpet rolls (bolt blocks)
  • Nurseries – Nurseries and green houses (bolt blocks)
  • Movie Sets – Movie sets, stage production, stage sets/rigging and theater rigging requiring continual or permanent application (bolt blocks)
  • Transportation – Aircraft applications, hanger doors (bolt blocks; strap blocks)
  • Transportation – Airport applications (bolt blocks)
  • Transportation - Trailer doors (bolt blocks)
  • Zoos / Animal Cages – Animal transportation, zoo cages, zoo cage doors (bolt blocks)

To view product application photos, click here.

If you have any questions, please give us a call or send us an email.



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