Mule Blocks

Block Division offers a line of pulley block products specially designed for the stage and theatre rigging industry. Block Division now offers mule pulley blocks into their extensive line of blocks, which are designed to perform above and behind the scenes to support and move stage equipment from backdrops and curtains, to lighting systems, yet be unseen by the audience. Mule pulley blocks allow cables, ropes or lines to pass over the edge of a sill without rubbing, binding or any interference.

Mule blocks, as well as our line of swivel eye, fixed eye, swivel hook, and other pulley blocks are available in a durable matte black oxide finish, which blends into the theater background unnoticed, even under stage lighting.

When lifting objects during a stage or theater production, for example, it is often necessary to divert or reorient the object to avoid obstacles or support the object off the ground until needed. Our pulley blocks not only support the object, but can change the direction of one or more cables during the rigging process. Block Division offers pulley blocks with single, double or triple sheaves, which are able to divert or lift objects easily and quickly during production using wire ropes, synthetic ropes or cables.

Mule, bolt, flat mount and other blocks can be permanently installed and mounted under a support structure as a component of the complete rigging system in theaters or stages, offering a significant mechanical advantage. If the equipment or item needing rigging also needs to turn, then that will increase the overall load of the system. Therefore, allowance must be made for this additional weight.

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