Below are some of the many commerical uses of our products.

Commercial Lighting • Communication Towers • Drapery Cleaning • Flag Pole Manufacturing • Garages • Gates and Overhead Doors • Geological • Gym Equipment • Lighting • Overhead Doors • Rug Cleaning • Satellite Information Towers • Trailers • Wind Tunnel Testing

Scroll down to see slideshows of many of the different uses.

Large Gate Systems

  • Frame 4-sheaves that have been rebored to customers specifications for specialized use

  • Custom pulley block sheaves rebored for large gate system

  • Industrial strength custom pulley block customized for large gate

  • Custom sheave pulley block designed for industrial use

  • Large commercial gate system using customized pulley block sheaves


Large Overhead or Hanger Doors

  • Exterior of hanger depicts use of pulley block system to raise & lower large overhead door

  • Bolt block used in overhead commercial hanger door assembly

  • Close-up view of exterior cable pulley sheave used in commercial overhead door

  • Interior commercial hanger utilizes fixed eye pulley blocks for easy opening of heavy duty hanger doors

  • Exterior of hanger utilizing BlockDivision’s pulley system to raise large door

  • Hanger doors open easily with BlockDivisions various pulley block options

  • Close-up view of swivel eye block used in large industrial hanger door pulley system

  • BlockDivision’s swivel eye used in large overhead hanger door assembly

  • Industrial overhead door uses Block’s heavy duty pulleys in various options to easily open and close hanger door

  • Fixed eye pulley block used in heavy duty commercial garage door system


  • BlockDivisions flat mount pulley block used on flag pole installations

  • Pulley blocks can be used for all types of manufacturing, including hoists