Block Division strives to continuously add and enhance our product line, especially based on feedback by you, our customer.

In May 2018, Block Division announced the expansion of the number of pulley blocks that are now available in a stainless steel finish, including swivel eye, fixed eye and flat mount pulleys with single, double or triple sheaves.  We've added the option of changing the finish from zinc to stainless steel to 20 more pulley blocks.   Click here for more information!

Mute black oxide finish is now available on Block Division's product line!  Block Division offers a line of pulley block products specially designed for the stage and theater rigging industry, as well as for movie sets and production activities. 

We recently added a new mule pulley block to our product line.  The mule pulley block is available in a matte black oxide finish, which blends into the background by performing behind the scenes for stage and theater rigging, as well as movie production sets.   The mule pulley blocks are designed to easily and quickly move or lift equipment up and away from movie sets as well as theater platforms and stages.

How would you like your pulley blocks in a different color or an assortment of colors?  We are very close to having over 20 different powder-coated finishes (colors) available!  Watch for details!

We currently have 8-inch and 10-inch sheaves in development and should be available by the first of the year.   These sheaves will also be available to purchase separately for replacement purposes.

We also are pleased to report that we also have an 8-inch flat mount pulley in development.  Our goal is to expand our flat mount pulley product line, which should be available the first part of 2017.

In addition, we are developing 2 new sizes to our line of deck blocks.

We are also working on a new line of plastic block and tackle pulley hoist systems.

Interested in a new product that we currently do not offer?  Please send us an e-mail asking for the product.  We welcome your ideas and requests for new products. 

Check back on our website for more information!