A swivel hook pulley is a quickly detachable fixture with dynamic rotation of the block. A swivel hook pulley block allows the user some flexibility, as it will rotate when the load is being lifted or moved. In other words, it allows the pulley to swivel to keep the alignment of where it is attached. The hook can be attached into an existing eyelet, rod, bolt, pipe, shackle, or on a custom mounting. Swivel hook pulley blocks can be used for wire rope (cable), fibrous rope or nylon rope.

In most applications, Block Division’s pulley blocks offer the ability for the swivel eye, swivel hook and fixed eye to be interchanged. In choosing whether a fixed eye or swivel hook would be needed you would first determine if you need a swivel or fixed pulley. Then, will the block attach to an existing fixed fixture or one that has movement. This helps to decide what type of fixture would be best according to the application.

Block Division’s pulleys are made with zinc electroplating, which offers corrosion resistance and is an excellent finish for both indoor and outdoor use.

Block Division offers a “snatch” option in all of our pulleys which allows you to remove the center pin (snatch pin). The center fastener is a removable pin, which allows you to remove the pin and then re-insert it over an existing wire or rope application. This is a great option that extends the life of the pulley by offering the ability to remove the sheave if ever it needs replacing.

A steel latch option is also available. This allows for the hook to be engaged in the mounting applicance.

Replacement sheaves are also available.  In most cases, our pulley blocks and replacement sheaves ship the same day or the next business day.

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There are many uses (product applications) for these versatile blocks, such as:

  • Sporting and athletic equipment, including basketball goals, batting cages, volleyball stands and various netting retrieval, such as for volleyball, soccer or tennis)
  • Manufacturing use, such as awnings and shades, cranes and hoists, machine welding shops, tool and die, wire rope or sling, foundries, scaffolding, material handling and lifting.
  • Marine use, such as boat lifts, lifting personal watercraft, Boat cradle, boat rigging, boat docks, commercial fishing
  • Gates, Garages and Overhead Door use, in such uses as a hangar, barn or workshop.
  • Food processing equipment
  • Commercial use, such as lighting, communication towers, flag pole manufacturing, drapery cleaning and geological uses.
  • Handicap lifts and rigs
  • Nurseries and green houses
  • Agriculture, such as harvesting equipment and trailer doors
  • Remote applications, such as vehicle mounted winches
  • Field use, such as in farming, logging, oil fields, and ranching.
  • Entertainment use, such as for movie sets, stage production, stage and theater rigging.
  • Transportation use, such as airline hanger doors
  • Zoos; Animal use, such as animal transportation, zoo cages and zoo cage doors.

For other product application ideas and photos, click here.

  • Swivel Hook Block with Double Sheaves - BlockDivision
  • Swivel Hook Block with Double Sheaves by BlockDivision
  • Swivel Hook Block with latch and Double Sheaves Pulley
  • Swivel Hook Block with latch and Double Sheaves Pulley2
  • Swivel Hook Pulley


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