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There are many commercial uses of our products, such as:

Movie Sets • Stage Production • Stage Sets / Rigging • Theatre Rigging •Theatrical

Block Division has been honored to have our products utilized in such movie sets as Titanic  and Speed.   One of the ways our pulley blocks were used in the movie Titanic  was when they pulled the ship down into the water, and in the movie Speed, our pulleys were used to deploy the swat (tactical) team sled under the bus!   In addition, we were honored to supply our pulley block products to the multiple movie sets across the U.S. for the movie Independence Day: Resurgence.  We continue to receive orders from other production companies for movie sets and other theatre and stage sets.

Block Division offers a line of pulley block products specially designed for the stage and theatre rigging industry.  Block Division now offers mule pulley blocks in to their extensive line of blocks, which are designed to perform above and behind the scenes to support and move stage equipment from backdrops and curtains, to lighting systems, yet be unseen by the audience.  Mule blocks, as well as our line of swivel eye, fixed eye, swivel hook, and other pulley blocks are available in a durable matte black finish, which blends into the theater background unnoticed, even under stage lighting.

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Theater curtains using pulley system to raise, lower, open and close