Traveling Koozie

We love our koozies, and take them everywhere we go – picnics, beach, football games, kids little league games, basketball, soccer and other indoor or outdoor sports and cruise ships, as well as hiking, biking or walking adventures, just to name a few!  We also use the koozies while working outside in the yard, relaxing at home or even at our desk at work.

Our koozies are perfect to keep your drink cold anywhere and everywhere you go!  As we were enjoying our cold beverage, we were wondering – where do our customers take our koozies?

And that’s where you come in!  We would welcome the opportunity to hear about your excellent adventure - and, if you could snap a photo of our koozie while enjoying your travels, we would appreciate it!  Please email your photos - and a description of your location - to Matt at  In the meantime, enjoy the photos we've received so far!

Keanae Peninsula, Hawaii

 Keanae Peninsula, HI









Koozie in the snow!






Mt Bachelor in Oregon!
Mt Bachelor in Oregon









Skiing on Mt Bachelor in Oregon