New 3.5″ Pulleys Available for 1/4-Inch Wire Rope

New 3.5" Pulleys Available for 1/4-Inch Wire Rope

Block Division announces the expansion of the number of pulleys that are now available in a 3.5-inch blocks which are specifically designed for 1/4″ wire rope or cable.  These pulley blocks include single, double and triple sheave options for single eye pulleys, fixed eye pulleys, swivel hook pulleys and flat mount pulleys.

Click on the product number to go directly to the order page!  Also note that many of our single and double sheave products have the option of adding a snatch pin.

3.5-Inch Pulleys for 1/4” wire rope or cable:

Swivel Eye

  Single Sheave  03548-1/4

  Double Sheave  03548-1/4-2

  Triple Sheave  03548-1/4-3

Flat Mount

  Single Sheave  03558-1/4

  Double Sheave  03558-1/4-2

  Triple Sheave  03558-1/4-3

Fixed Eye

  Single Sheave  03568-1/4

  Double Sheave  03568-1/4-2

  Triple Sheave  03568-1/4-3

Swivel Hook

  Single Sheave  03578-1/4

  Double Sheave  03578-1/4-2

  Triple Sheave  03578-1/4-3

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