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Video-How to Remove Pin from Snatch Pulley Block and Insert Over Cable Wire Rope

We’ve developed a video describing how to use the removable pin on a snatch pulley block to take the pulley apart and insert it over a cable wire.  This method can also be used to replace the sheave.  A snatch pulley block is used with cable wire or fibrous rope and possibly even heavier rigging equipment, to hoist heavy items. The difference between a pulley block versus a snatch pulley block is that the snatch pulley block has a removable pin that can be used to easily take the pulley apart and insert it over a wire rope (cable) or fibrous rope, and can also be used to easily replace the sheave.   A pulley block is fixed and has a bolt or rivet holding it together instead of a removable pin.

The pulley consists of two side plates and a wheel, which are fastened together in the middle by a rivet, bolt or a snatch pin. The snatch pin is also referred to as a clevis pin or a removable pin. The combination of the plates, wheel and fasteners are called Sheaves.  A wire rope (cable) or fibrous rope lies on the wheel, which then turns and moves the rope or cable freely. This provides an excellent mechanical advantage to lifting heavy objects.

The following video walks through the process of how to remove the snatch pin, place the pulley block over a cable wire, and then reinsert the snatch pin on the pulley block. This process is the same used to replace the sheave. You can see from the video that by removing the snatch pin, it allows the side plate to be opened up for each access. Another benefit is the ability to insert or replace the rope or cable when needed.

The following photo displays all of the parts associated with a snatch pin pulley block.  Included in the picture is a swivel hook pulley, a fixed eye pulley and a swivel eye pulley, as well as the side plates, sheave, and the removable pin (clevis pin).

Snatch Pulley Block Parts

Snatch Pulley Block Parts

Block Division offers the option of replacing the center rivet or bolt on our swivel eye and swivel hook pulley blocks, which offer the ability for the eye or hook to move freely for 360 degrees. The snatch pin option is also available on our fixed eye, flat mount, and bolt blocks product lines, as well as our deadman products. Deadman pulleys offer the flexible option of having a fixed eye on one end, and either a swivel eye, fixed eye, swivel hook at the other end.   If you’re interested in ordering the snatch block, simply choose the pulley block of your choice and then click on the option to add “snatch” on the order page.

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